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Readers are saying:

Poetic, beautiful
     Imagine the possibility of an apology that is the beginning of shaping a more beautiful reality our heart’s deeply yearn for and know is possible. This comic is a seed, a prayer of a possibility of amends and forgiveness needed to heal our deeply wounded world, which is ourselves. This poetic, beautifully illustrated apology breaks open the heart with the hope of a vision we know is possible and desperately needed.  
     -Jessica White
     The story and illustrations are beautiful and the message is so urgent. Reading Amends is an emotional experience. It calls humans into action to ask forgiveness from Nature and has a redemptive quality as well. To realize we are truly one with the living world and want to be in right relationship is so powerful. I’m glad we have this book to communicate such an epiphany.
     -Marriott Sheldon
     An offering, a hopeful view of the love within us.
     Mixing quirkiness, harshness and gracefulness, the illustrations of Amends invited me to a journey that felt both outer—in the material world—and inner—in a tumultuous and shifting landscape of shocking awareness about the ecological disaster we as individuals have both made and allowed, realisation of the simple solutions or amends, and forgiveness.
A beautiful, poetic offering to Earth and Oneself. A much needed call for awareness, love, and the stopping of hatred and violence.
     -Dita B. Vizoso
     I loved this comic book concerning ecology & spirituality, honouring Mother Earth and Her peoples, especially those more connected to Her than our present materialistic Western civilisation. Recommended reading =o)
     -Shyam das
     A slim but sturdy chance    
     An aging capitalist comes face to face with those he has exploited in his quest for profit. He sees clearly what he has done and regrets it, but is it too late?
Beautifully illustrated and poetic, this graphic novella gently pulls you into seeing the loveliness of the natural world and a slim but sturdy hope for the future.
     -Phoebe Lowry

     Brave art
     “Amends” by Bevis Lowry is brave art that explores the healing power of apology and accountability. The work is visually innovative, using mixed media to depict a contemporary person’s reconciliation of their role in civilization’s exploitation of the biosphere and the Earth’s resources. Readers continuously confront the relatedness of all life, and the narrow thinking that has accelerated the degradation of the natural world.
-Ryan Hoffmann

      A deep personal apology to the Earth
  In this graphic story, we the readers are invited to share the thoughts of an older man (Everyman?) who has come to realize what he has done willfully, thoughtlessly and cruelly to the beauty and life-giving qualities of the Earth and its creatures and plants in the soil, air and water.
As he opens up to the truth of his actions, he makes a deep personal apology to the Earth. He does what his daughter has suggested and asks for forgiveness.
This graphic story is drawn with great care for details and the beauty of nature, and speaks to all of us, young and older, at this time when change is most needed.
-Vivien Adams

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